Our Practice

General Litigation

Litigation is what Brennan LLC does.  Our practice is broad, encompassing different subject matters, claims, and forums.  

Terry Brennan is a litigator with experience, and a record of success in various types of litigation. He has managed large cases and small ones. He has practiced in federal and state court. He has appeared before arbitration panels and settled cases through mediation.  He has represented plaintiffs, as well as defendants.  His experience covers several different litigation issues. For example, he has achieved successful results in cases involving fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and statutory violations. This diversified experience allows Brennan LLC to cast a wide net and serve clients with many different legal issues.   


Brennan LLC has developed niche practices in the following areas:

Sports Law 

Our firm emphasizes the sports industry. Terry Brennan is a former collegiate athlete who has represented sports law clients and written extensively on the subject. Recently, he earned a favorable settlement for a sports marketing company in its federal lawsuit against a German-based competitor. The suit alleged fraud in relation to a deal to provide signboards for soccer's 2010 World Cup. Terry has also published several articles on sports law issues and maintains a blog on the subject. 

Judgment Enforcement

Brennan LLC assists clients as they attempt to collect on their judgments. These judgments are worthless if the judgment holder cannot collect the money owed. Yet often, the collection process can be frustrating. Debtors find clever ways to avoid paying. Brennan LLC helps clients overcome these hurdles. Our firm has experience enforcing judgments in the millions of dollars against debtors using complicated structures to shield their assets. We can track debtors' funds, locate hidden assets, break through asset protection structures, and get our clients their money.  

General Counsel

Brennan LLC works with companies as general counsel. In this role, we act as business counselor, a reliable source of legal advice that can help the client avoid litigation and advance its business goals. Practically-speaking, this includes a variety of services, such as reviewing contracts, assisting with negotiation, and managing local counsel. Brennan LLC will also work with clients to craft policies that will help prevent litigation. The common thread is that Brennan LLC will be on call to serve the client - answering its legal questions as they arise and handling the legal tasks necessary for its business to run smoothly.